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ornamentation  (also see designs)

We have an extensive range of bronze articles, reconstituted marble
and ornamentation of all kinds. Take a look at a few examples
below, but please contact us for more information.
bronze ornamentation
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reconstituted marble statues

At Bronces Jordá, they select high-quality marble, reduce it to a very fine dust, mix it with specially treated
resins to prevent the discolouring effects of the sun (and provide a greater tolerance to weathering in general)
and compress it to form sculptures and decorative items just as beautiful and valuable as those realised with
traditional marble that are far more resilient.
madonna with child statue
Ref: 6650
Synthetic Marble
Virgin of Carmen
h. 50 cm.
w. 16 cm.
d. 13 cm.

Virgin of Lourdes statue
Ref: 7060
Synthetic Marble
Virgin of Lourdes
h. 62 cm.
w. 19 cm.
d. 15.5 cm.

Sitting Angel statue
Ref: 7339
Synthetic Marble
Sitting Angel
h. 13.5 cm.
w. 8 cm.
d. 7 cm.

Angel statue
Ref: 7346
Synthetic Marble
h. 35 cm.
w. 11 cm.
d. 10 cm.

Good Shepherd statue
Ref: 7436
Synthetic Marble
Good Shepherd
h. 80 cm.
w. 28 cm.
d. 20 cm.

Angel with column statue
Ref: 7889
Synthetic Marble
Angel with Column
h. 99 cm.
w. 45 cm.
d. 27 cm.

bronze articles
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The hands of craftsmen are responsible for creating the models in our technologically
advanced bronze casting production process.
Each product is conceived, designed and manufactured with a high degree of technical
skill and Bronces Jorda guarantees the quality of all the items produced in its factory.
bronze angel ornamentation
Bronze Rose
Ref: 1349
Bronze Rose
h. 9.5 cm.
w. 7 cm.
d. 1.5 cm.

Bronze Rose Bouquet
Ref: 1984
Bronze Roses
h. 18 cm.
w. 8 cm.
d. 2 cm.

Bronze Crucifix
Ref: 2010
Bronze Crucifix
h. 45 cm.
w. 20 cm.
d. 4 cm.

Bronze Dove (left)
Ref: 2045I
Bronze Dove
h. 9 cm.
w. 8 cm.
d. 1 cm.

Bronze Sacred Heart
Ref: 2657DR
Bronze Sacred
Heart (decorated)
h. 12 cm.
w. 7 cm.
d. 1.5 cm.

Bronze Lantern
Ref: 2666B
Bronze Lantern
h. 28 cm.
w. 13 cm.
d. 13 cm.

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